Work Rider

Work Riders duties include –
Riding the horses in order to exercise them, without injury or undue stress, to ensure their top physical condition prior to racing.
Work riders normally have a similar physical build to the jockeys who race horses, so that the horse is exercised under conditions comparable to racing.
This is vital as it allows the trainer or owner to judge where and when to race their horse.
They do not race horses in competition, only in practice.
Some Work Riders may be employed just to ride horses, with no other duties.

Yard Staff

The Yard Person is a member of the Housekeeping team and is responsible for working as part of the Yard Staff Team and for ensuring that tasks are completed to schedule.
Our Yards team are expected to be punctual, clean & smart and able to communicate with all staff, student and college users in a courteous manner. They are also expected to be able to carry out instructions in a timely manner.
This is a physically demanding job

Stud Grooms

The Stud Groom is second in charge to the Stud Manager and they have many extra responsibilities to those of a Stud Hand. These include the welfare of the horses, feeding, exercising, liaising with the vet and farrier, teasing and covering, attending to mares and foals during and after foaling, maintaining the stud records, supervising and liaising with staff, and he/she may also have to keep in close contact with owners.

He/she has to be prepared to work long hours. However, as an essential part of the stud’s work force and taking responsibility for the well being of valuable bloodstock it is a particularly rewarding career.

Other Staff

Other Staff comprised on Doctors, Administrations, sweepers… etc