Dairy Herd Manager
Agriculture & Arable

Dairy Herd Manager must clearly understand the goals of the organisation and develop a clear vision of exactly how operations will help achieve them. This also involves translating these goals into implications for the operation’s performance, objectives, quality, speed, dependability, flexibility and cost.

Tractor Driver
Agriculture & Arable

Drives tractor-trailer combination, applying knowledge of commercial driving regulations, to transport and deliver products, livestock, or materials, usually over long distance.
To carry out general farm duties on this 200 acre family run farm. Work will include ploughing and combining, cleaning livestock housing,salvaging and basic machinery maintenance.
You will have relevant farm work and tractor driving experience including using a telescopic loader. You will also be able to keep accurate records. Livestock experience is essential. You will have NVQ level 1 in agriculture or equivalent. Current UK driving license required.

General worker
Agriculture & Arable

Analyze all products through various stages of production to ensure optimal level of quality and maintain optimal cleanliness of plants and ensure proper handling of all materials and products.
Assist all press operators and ensure completion of all flip sheets and maintain cleanliness in press at all times and monitor delivery of all products within required time frame.
Coordinate with Production Manager and perform all general duties as required by same.
Handle all emergency and difficult situations efficiently and investigate all issues to provide resolution for same.
Perform all work according to work orders and load and unload materials as per requirement.
Assist to move all materials from storage area to work site and provide tags and labels to all materials and provide all required information on same.
Monitor all machines and make repairs to same if required.
Administer efficient working of all industrial truck and electric hoist to assist to load and move all materials.
Ensure compliance all safety policies and procedures and provide protective gear to all workers to maintain safety in unit.

Machine operator
Agriculture & Arable

It may seem like machines have taken over our lives, but, in most instances humans run these machines – so this is not entirely true! Each manufacturing process that uses machinery actually run by some operator at the back end. People who run machinery are called machine operators.

Right before a machine is expected to perform a procedure, machine operators prepare them. This preparation may include managing settings, carrying out tests and regulating it to ensure that it runs flawlessly throughout a procedure. Once a machine is set up, a machine operator is expected to run the machine to ensure that manufacturing procedures are carried out.